About Me

Chinn Yin goes by the artist alias chinnyinc. She is homegrown in Kluang
and enjoys observing and drawing for fun. Instead of words, she prefers
to tell stories through her brush strokes. In her works, she addresses
social issues, environmental issues, and matters surrounding nature.
In 2019, she went abroad and furthered her studies as a postgraduate at
the Cambridge School of Art, UK, majoring in MA Children’s Book
Illustration. From that endeavour, she has gained numerous opportunities
and published three books. Her first published work, Mr. Rabbit’s
Quarantine Diary, was published during the COVID-19 pandemic. Her
second book, Fight Day, is a children’s picture book that unravels the
secret lives of the little critters living in the mangroves. Her third and most
recent book, The Red Goggles, is a text-less picture book about
conquering the fears of swimming, depicted in an imaginative realm.
Chinn Yin believes that being simple is a joy of its own, and as an author
and storyteller, she wants to share her beliefs with the young and the
young at heart.

chinn yin chua . 蔡沁颖

based in Kluang, Malaysia
\\ life motto: dream big 😀
\\ +6013.7175017
\\ chuachinnyin@gmail.com