Published Book

Mr Rabbit’s Quarantine Diary
Year: 2020
Publisher: Sinar Cemerlang, Malaysia
Type: Diary, Picture Book
Style: Ink & Watercolour
What happen during my 14 days quarantine in quarantine centre when i back to home country from UK last summer.

Published Book

A River Found in Grisek
Year: 2021
Publisher: Cahaya Aspirasi, Malaysia
Type: Picture Book
Style: Watercolour & Colour Pencil
Real incident happened in Grisek – a small village located in south of Malaysia with pollution issue.

Personal Project

Fight Day
Year: 2020
Type: Comic
Style: Digital Screen Print
Story background based on Malaysia mangroves. A short funny story about what happen everyday among fiddler crabs and other animals that live in mangroves.

Detective WonderBat and The Power Thief
Year: 2020
Type: Wimmelbook
Style: Watercolour
An imaginary story about power shortage in Kluang (my hometown). All locations and characters design are modified from existing incidents, people and iconic places. It’s a fun interactive large scale picture book suitable for all age.

Year: 2020
Type: Carousel Pop Up Book
Style: Black & White Print
Short poetry about endangered animal – Malayan Tapir.

The Red Goggles
Year: 2019
Type: Wordless Picture Book
Style: Monoprint
An adventure under water with the red goggle fish.